The Salt Water Story…

Salt Water sandals have never gone out of styleMade from beautiful leather and hand-finished with classic brass buckles, people have been rocking their Salties ever since Missouri-based Walter Hoy first crafted a few pairs from off-cuts of US military boot leather, back in the 1940s.

Hardwearing and versatile, word soon got out about Walter’s wonder* sandals and soon enough the Hoy Shoe Company were making them by the crate load. They still are today.

Now available in 16 styles to fit babes in arms right up to adults, Salt Water sandals and sister sandals, Sun-San, can literally be worn anywhere, anyhow. Super comfy and casually stylish, you can dress them up, strap them on for a quick trip to the beach or pool, or let them take you on an odyssey of wanderlust…

Salt Waters will take you wherever you want to go. And that’s the beauty of them. 

Salt Water Sandals are manufactured in both the USA and in China.

Salt Water Sandals still produce sandals on the original 1940s machinery in the Hoy factory in Missouri St Louis. However, as demand for the brand grew, Salt Water Sandals started producing sandals in a family-run factory in China and have been working with the same factory for almost 15 years. The staff have been trained traditionally, and the machines used were built to match the vintage machines Hoy has always used. 

Hoy Shoe Company has frequent visits to the China factories to ensure the working conditions and standards upheld in the US are met in China. 


*Thanks to high-quality leather and rustproof brass buckles, these durable sandals can be given a quick hand wash in cold water if mucky! In fact, they are water-loving – get them wet, wear them until dry, and the leather will mould to your feet like they were made for you.