Best Coat Ever

Just bought this coat - best ever! Read reviews before purchasing, sizing can be a little tricky.

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I love plaid and I can't get enough! Check out Rails clothing, their plaid shirts are not something you'd find in your grandpa's closet!

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I am in love with @lee_Kristine's instagram posts, she really captures the spirit of Saltwater Sandals.

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Transition to Fall

It's just around the corner .... Fall.

black top l denim shirt l sandals l shorts l jeans l scarf l hat l plaid shirt l sandals l black tee

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Pastel Backpacks

It's that time ......

Hershel & Jansport

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Can't say enough about JCREW's joggers for kids. Below are some of my top picks.

Girl Jogger & Boy Joggers

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