Kids Sand-Sun Sandals

Sun-San® sandals are versatile, fashionable, and durable. Made with 100% genuine leather uppers, these sandals can go in-and-out of water. Whether you’re dressing your baby up or down, with so many colours and styles to choose from, they’ll coordinate perfectly with almost any outfit or any occasion.

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Surfer - Kids-Sandal-Salt Water Sandals-Red-Toddler 3-Salt Water Sandals Canada
Surfer - Kids
From CAD $59.00
Sailor - Kids-Sandal-Salt Water Sandals-Navy-Toddler 5-Salt Water Sandals Canada
Sailor - Kids
From CAD $63.00
Surfer (Fashion Colours) - Kids-Sandal-Salt Water Sandals-Gold-Child 9-Salt Water Sandals Canada
Surfer - Kids (Sale)-Sandal-Salt Water Sandals-Brown-Toddler 3-Salt Water Sandals Canada
Surfer - Kids (Sale)
From CAD $38.50 CAD $55.00
Sharks - Kids (Sale)-Sandal-Salt Water Sandals-Navy Blue-Child 9-Salt Water Sandals Canada
Sharks - Kids (Sale)
From CAD $41.50 CAD $59.00