Neutral Nursery

I'm in love with a neutral nursery and especially one with Kalon sustainable furniture.  Their pieces are beautiful, sustainable, simple and clean.  What I love most, is the fact that almost each piece can be used in any room!

wall hanging l animal print deer l animal print fox l fox l side table l crib l chair l sandals l pillow l stool

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Below are a few of my favourite saltwater sandals instagram posts.  Aren't these kids adorable?

1 l 2 l 3 l 4
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These two things & These two things one of my favourite renos in a long time
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I don't often post images of my kids, but I just I just adore this images.  

ps. I'm missing a pic of my wee one. Next time.

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Prettiest Wetsuit

I wish I had some use for this pretty little thing.


wetsuit l sandals


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